Advertising & Video Production

Be heard, seen, and remembered with powerful storytelling and memorable striking visuals that deliver.

Advertising & Video Production package

  • Film Production - Shooting and producing films of various genres
  • TV Commercials - 30 seconds ads that highlight your service and business
  • Corporate Video Production - Builds brand awareness and customer interaction
  • Explainer Video Production - Describes a product or concept succinctly
  • Promotional Video Production - Sparks audience interest and inquiries
  • Event Video Production - Filming of social, special, and business affairs
  • Rich media and display ads - Create Ads that Elicit Strong Interaction.

Our Workflow

Bring your idea to life with our qualified Biondess and seasoned filmmaking professionals along with the latest technology involved. Regardless of your industry, we are here to accommodate you regardless of the complexity or length of the project. Crafting the optimal video is a systematic and creative process. It involves the following simplified steps:


Creative & Digital Brainstorm To make sure the timeline is in line with the project's goals, budget, that obstacles are addressed, and tasks allocation, and draw the road map to name a few.

Script & Storyboard To create persuasive and authentic content that reflects the company's goals and engages its audience through our expert creatives and content creators.

Equipment & Location Picking the ideal location and setting it up efficiently with all the appropriate equipment in check with a team that helps develop the scene you need.

Booking Talents We source the right talent for your project, from old favorites to rising stars that suit your idea.

Logistics To ensure optimal efficiency and comfort, all logistics are dealt with, including transportation.

Permits We'll take care of the paperwork and authorization for your video so you can focus on more pressing matters.

During Production

Filming & Shooting The creation of a visually appealing video that conveys thoughts, stories, ideas, and illustrates the business aims creatively.

Lighting To evoke a pleasing visual mood, feeling, and sense of meaning that moves the audience.

Behind the scene, B-rolls If needed, to share some memorable moments with the audience and showcase the team behind the project.

Post Production

Video Editing Our creative video editors are to structure the scenes together and produce them professionally.

Creative Touches A voice-over, music, special effect, graphics, and other dynamic visual elements can be added to enhance user engagement, conveying emotions, facilitating interaction, and making their experience memorable.

Online Advertising & Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy (free/paid/influencer)
  • Professional Photo/Video posting apps
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Ads & Display Ads

Why Video Production?

High Conversion A landing page conversion can be increased by 80% with a product film

Google Likes Videos Embedding video on your company's website will boost SEO rankings, thereby contributing to higher engagement of customers on your website.

Builds Trust Videos can improve your business' image by displaying the personality of your business, products, and services.

Customer Engagements Up to 250% more engagement can be achieved through videos as they deliver information rather quickly.

More Sales Nearly 50% of internet surfers watch product and service videos before purchasing them.

More Loyalists Brands whose video content reveals what they can do lets customers hear, see, and feel it have a higher chance of converting customers into loyalists.

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